The Team-member feature allows you to create subordinate accounts to easily manage members in the organization.

What is Team-member?

Team-member is a feature that makes it easy for you to manage your employees: your admin account (registered and paid accounts) can create sub-accounts, each sub-account will have permissions depending on what the admin account allows. Using the sub Account feature makes it easier for you to manage your employees and create a working environment for your team.

Team-member work as follows:

  • The main account can see all the profiles of the sub-accounts in the Team section.

  • The main account can create sub-accounts and can edit permissions to create profiles, view profiles and share profiles.

  • Sub-account accounts have the right to share profiles to other accounts if authorized by the main account.

  • Sub-accounts do NOT have permission to view profiles of other sub-accounts.

  • The total number of profiles of the account will be:

    • Total profile of the plan = Main account + sub-accounts.

    • Steps to use the Sub Account feature:

Step 1: Choose “Team members”

Step 2: Select "New Sub account",

Write in the email a name of any gmail form (so you can easily identify the user of that sub-account), then create an arbitrary password.

Example: Email: [email protected]

Password: 123abc@@

Step 3: Customize Sub Account permissions

  • Create profile: This child account is allowed to create profiles. For example, if your admin account buys the Company: 1000 profile package, the account has the right to create 1000 profiles. -

  • View profile: Account can only view profile. -

  • Share profile: Account can share profile with other account then click “create”

  • Sub-account has been successfully created, your employee or team member, just download the Genlogin software, log in to the sub-account you provide, and use all features, corresponding to the right that you have granted (create profile, view profile, share profile)

Sub Account feature is only available in Team package (300 profiles) and above

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